GleeOnline Introduces itself as a supplier of quality computer hardware. It aims to benchmark itself against global standards and be in alignment with international needs and world-class standards of quality, cost, and service. We have approved business partners of Microsoft, AWS, Google, Kaspersky, Sunmi, Adobe, Trend Micro, VM WARE, UI Path, Dell, etc.

GleeOnline provides IT hardware for all types of companies, whether they’re large or small. We have small urban stores; large rural stores; and everything in between. We offer a wide variety of computer hardware, local niche services, and virtually anything you’ll ever need to fix, repair, and maintain your store. And, of course, GleeOnline is most certainly the place with the helpful hardware folks!



To deliver IT-related hardware products conforming to international standards and satisfying the requirements and expectations of our customers. In respect of quality, cost, performance, safety, and reliability, we want to be the best, most helpful hardware store on the planet.


Fosters teamwork by nurturing talent, enhancing leadership capability, and acting with pace, pride, and passion. The company aims to become the supplier of choice, delivering premium products and services and operating methods for convenience hardware retailers around the globe.


We are highly sensitive to client-specific requirements. Over the years of communication with our customers, we have shown the ability to react quickly and to adjust to any changes or additions.

Values: Winning; Superiority; Love; Honesty; Gratefulness; Humility; Teamwork, etc.

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